Attract Eyeballs On The Street

The final touch of materials is vital when attracting eyeballs on the street. To create the expected finished products with the base materials adopted, our experts can use different surface treatment to achieve the results. Based on ISO 9001, we can ensure that we can deliver a flawless and appealing final product.

TDF_Visual Merchandising Specialist_Visual Stories_Material Finishing_luxury retail display manufacturer_Lacquering


We can lacquer for any sheen level from ultra matte to a high gloss finish and antique colour for the surfaces of the materials. It thus produces a smooth and hard surface for sturdiness with a restricted standard since our teams handle all the lacquering with an advanced system to standardize the quality of each item. When we deliver the final products of your visual stories, they will be at the highest level of quality.


To create a soft-touch texture and decrease the reflectivity of the surface, we use flocking for the coating of the displays. We spray the soft materials on the surface so that a layer of velvet, suede-like or bristle-like exterior is created. Our teams will create the finishing which you would like to show to your target audience.
TDF_Visual Merchandising Specialist_Visual Stories_Material Finishing_luxury retail display manufacturer_Flocking
TDF_Visual Merchandising Specialist_Visual Stories_Material Finishing_luxury retail display manufacturer_Electroplating


Our teams are specialized with different electroplating methods so that they can decorate the surface of materials with the desired appearance. With advanced technologies, we can coat the surface of the displays with various colours, including copper plating, silver plating, and chromium plating, and also ensure to deliver the exquisite quality of your Visual Merchandising stories.

Metal Surface Treatment

There are different approaches for handling metal surfaces such as brushing, sandblasting and polishing, which can enhance the toughness and deliver various effects on the metal surface effects.

Brushing: Distinctive look with fine lines on the metal surface
Sandblasting: Irregular scratches to increase the bond strength
Polishing: Mirror surface without oxidation

TDF_Visual Merchandising Specialist_Material Finishing_luxury retail display manufacturer_Metal Surface Treatment
TDF_Visual Merchandising Specialist_Material Finishing_luxury retail shop accessories manufacturer_Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Powder coating helps to add the resistance of scratches on the steel, plastic, glass and MDF surface. It features a smooth protective layer with high density against corrosion, UV damage, abrasion, chemicals and detergents. Since no air-drying or flash-off time is needed, it is a time-effective method and less environmental impact for Visual Merchandising production.


Our in-house wrapping team can wrap with different media such as leather, paper, velvet and microfiber to deliver the ultimate desired outcomes. Our specialist can achieve the needs based on the project requirements of your visual stories.
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