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We specialise in selecting and handling different materials on window displays, product displays and fixtures. We believe that every material has its features for various visual effects; therefore, we choose the most suitable materials with the best quality for our clients to deliver their stunning visual stories to the global target audience. Various options of materials are available below to create the desirability of purchasing their products. Other materials are also available upon request.

TDF | Visual Merchandising Storytelling Specialist

3D Printing

Compared to the traditional manufacturing process, our 3D printing technology is built on high dimensional accuracy. It offers a cost-effective approach and speedy prototyping, so clients can share the preliminary design to us without 3D files but only need a physical object for us to do 3D scanning.

Plastic Fabrication

We can handle numerous plastic materials including Acrylic, ABS, PVC, PMMA mostly in sheet, tube or rod format and apply the technique of digital cutting, 45 degrees joint, UV glue, folding, polishing, engraving, vacuum forming, water transfer, injection and thermoforming.

As an alternative to glass, it is unique in toughness and water-resistant.

Wood/ MDF

Shaping all types of wood such as MDF, solid wood (i.e. oak, beech, ash wood), plywood is one of our specialisations. Our craftsmanship includes bending, shearing, CNC, sanding, grinding, varnishing, veneer application and more. Hence, you can tell us your expected results which we strive to achieve.

The common usage of wood in the industry is MDF, artificial wood, which is economical and made by the recycling process. Should you prefer a natural option, it will be solid wood which our team could handle the fumigation process and also export documents.


We have different types of metal such as aluminium, brass, stainless steel and steel to create your Visual Merchandising stories. Each kind of metal has its characteristics, including weight, rustproof, sturdiness, density and finishing. We choose the most suitable metal to fit for your projects so that the finished displays can stay longer.

Application of diverse techniques is available for metal, for example, laser/waterjet cutting, CNC, sharp-edge bending, welding, engraving, brushed, polished and more.

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Paper/ Cardboard/ Print

Do you care about environmental issues and want to use sustainable materials in your Visual Merchandising stories? We can increase the recycling rate of your Visual Merchandising props by using FSC paper.

For the printing techniques, we provide offset printing, digital printing, film printing, silkscreen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, lamination, embossing, and et cetera to create stunning visual effects.

Polystyrene/ PU/ Resin/ Fiberglass

It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional materials when realizing the sculpture concepts. The materials come with high toughness, low maintenance, waterproof and electrical insulator — moulding from original design props to replicate exact designs for mass production.

Fabric/ Leather/ PU leather

Prefer to have a touch of texture on the visual effects? We have different available options for you, for instance, silk, organza, cotton, velvet, suede, leather or PU leather. To handle the fabric, we can do the cutting, embossing, sewing, embroidering, wrapping and heat transfer to match them with your Visual Merchandising stories.

Vinyl/ Water sticker

No matter how creative the designs you develop, with our digital printing technology, we can ensure to produce the exquisite quality of your limitless pattern designs or graphics which will be applied on your Visual Merchandising stories. It can provide an affordable, durable, water-resistant, accurate injection printed colors and long-lasting results for your Window Displays.

Lighting solutions

Adding a WOW factor for your window displays can avoid adverse shadows to make your window displays look frumpy. Hence, our lighting solution can deliver bright and well-lighted window displays to catch customers’ attention. The professional lighting team can offer the best lighting solution to suit the window display design including the use of add-on fixing spotlights, LED strips, dimmable LED panels and colour control. To reduce the inconvenience caused for the global roll-out, we adapt the plugs and sockets to meet the compliance of the destinations.

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