Product Displays

We produce different shop accessories such as display tools, POP displays, product racks, counter units and trays. They help to complete your whole visual story so that you can showcase your luxury collections. It also helps to stop shoppers on their tracks and try the products with an excellent in-store experience for your target audience.

Window Displays

Different types of window displays deliver different effect to the shoppers. Since windows are the first physical touchpoint between customers and the brands, it is paramount for the luxury brands to provide personalised shopping experience. To integrate online and offline visual storytelling, we produce window displays to extend the customers’ brilliant shopping experiences and increase foot traffic to the stores.


Only showcasing products online is not enough because shoppers also want to touch and feel the products. Based on the theme of stores, we produce fixtures with various lighting solutions. The lighting solutions can highlight the selected collections and make the products stand out.

Should you have any enquiries about the realisation of visual merchandising, please do not hesitate to contact us.