Our Story

Tour de force

“an achievement or performance that shows great skill and attracts admiration.”

TDF Visual Merchandising Production Manufacturer

Our History

Our founders started the business in the exhibition industry in the 1990s with a wholly-owned manufacturing plant located in Dongguan, China. Since TDF’s quality-oriented value attracted enquiries globally, in the 2000s, we expanded the scope of services from exhibition production to visual merchandising production covering our worldwide clients’ needs.

Nowadays, people emphasise online shop experience and omnichannel more than decades ago, so it is expected that e-retail sales accounted for 22% of all retail sales worldwide in 2023. We thus believe the incorporation of delivering visual storytelling from online-to-offline and offline-to-online can magnify customer shopping experiences of the brands.

We strive to help luxury brands to spread their influence through the realisation of visual merchandising storytelling — our excellent craftsmanship and custom project timeline help to meet the collection launch. We produce the exquisite quality of window displays, props, fixtures and packaging to deliver brilliant and innovative visual stories to the global target audience.

TDF’s Core Value

Tour de force, which means “an achievement or performance that shows great skill and attracts admiration.”, is TDF’s core value. We stand out amongst our competitors since we are committed to delivering on time, on budget and high-quality accomplishment. To ensure seamless product launch of luxury brands, our wholly-owned manufacturing plant has the production capacity to provide a tailor-made solution which can fit for the schedule of different product launches.

We also care about our partners, our suppliers, our customers, and the visual merchandising concepts. With 200% passion, we adhere to Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit, quality standards (ISTA),  ISO9001 and ISO 14001 for the realisation of visual merchandising.