Tour de force

“an achievement or performance that shows great skill and attracts admiration.”

TDF Visual Merchandising Production Manufacturer

Our History

Specialising in visual merchandising productions, TDF produces bespoke window displays, product displays and fixtures on demand, and deliver them around the globe. As a private enterprise based in Hong Kong, TDF wholly owns a manufacturing plant in Dongguan, China for high-quality production and efficient turnaround.

Established in 1992, TDF first set foot in the exhibition industry. Our great attention to detail and quality has since attracted growing interest worldwide. To cater to increasing needs from the ever-expanding global clientele, we extended our scope of services to visual merchandising production from 2000s onwards.

our project management team, visual merchandising installation

Our Project Management Teams

Our comprehensive services cover anything from initial workability assessment, product development, cost estimation, project management, to logistics. Based on design concepts, technical drawings and budget constraints from clients, we deliver tailor-made solutions to realise clients’ aspirations.

Our Production Teams

Quality is of the essence in visual merchandising to bring about a vivid and engrossing outcome that captures the eyeballs of affluent patrons. Our exquisite craftsmanship of over 250 engineers and artisans has been recognised by top luxury brands. With excellent quality and expertise in materials, installations and applications, we have developed long-term partnerships with renowned entities.

our production team, visual merchandising installation, window display supplier

TDF’s Core Value

Tour de force, which means “an achievement or performance that shows great skill and attracts admiration.”, is TDF’s core value. We pride ourselves on delivering customised productions par excellence on time and within budget, standing us in good stead amid competition. To ensure seamless product launch for luxury brands, our manufacturing plant is to hand to accommodate varying production schedules.

We value our customers, partners and suppliers. With 200% passion and commitment, we uphold the principles of Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit, quality standards (ISTA), ISO9001 and ISO 14001 to actualise the Visual Merchandising Concepts.