5-Step Realisation

How it works

Our realisation of visual merchandising concepts, including window displays, product displays and fixtures, helps to spread your brand influence and increase foot traffic for your stores. To maximise the value of your visual stories, we are capable of customising them with 5 steps:

Step 1: Technical Drawing

It is essential to communicate the visual stories clearly before the project gets started. To ensure we meet the visions of your idea, our team will provide TD for your approval.

We take all variables, such as materials, budget, timing and packaging, into consideration during prototype development. It thus ensures a smooth production for the realisation of visual merchandising.

During the production stage, we keep transparent communication with our clients, so you can keep tracking the progress. Our wholly-owned manufacturing plant is divided into different departments, as follows:

– Technical Drawing Department
– Prototype Department
– Engineer Department
– Acrylic Department
– Metal Department
– Wood Department
– Assembly Department
– Exhibition Department
– Procurement Department
– Quality Control Department

To achieve a seamless production process, the production of visual merchandising concepts has quality control on every step based on ISO9001. Our factory is also qualified with Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit and ISO 14001.

All the products are packed based on quality standards (ISTA) with drop test and vibration tests. Since we deliver visual merchandising globally, we follow all labelling, shipping and packaging regulations of any destination. It ensures that the logistics process will not hinder the launch of your visual stories.

We provide full logistics and installation solutions that guarantee safe delivery of your visual merchandising from our factory to your warehouses or directly to your stores. It thus reduces the probability of defects. It is all upon your request.

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